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Mini Foot Repair Kits
Mini Foot Repair Kits

Mini Foot Repair Kits

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#1 selling foot repair mini sized - essential oil fragrances: mango coconut, eucalyptus mint, lime sugar and orange honey.
Each mini is .5 oz, twist up stick.
Each mini is in a clear acrylic pouch
Essential oil foot repair is handcrafted with 6 essential ingredients: beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil and essential oils create this natural antibacterial, conditioning, moisturizer for your feet.
Mini size perfect for on the go. Twist it up * apply * foot fixed!
Essential oils:
Mango coconut - Mango essential oil - soothing benefit
Eucalyptus mint - eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils - purifying benefit
Lime sugar - lime essential oil - energyzing benefit
Orange honey - orange essential oil - uplifting benefit
Always gluten free * palm oil free * and non gmo Small batch provide the freshest products for every order.

• Made in United States