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Fidgie Friends Watermellow
Fidgie Friends Watermellow
Fidgie Friends Watermellow

Fidgie Friends Watermellow

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In a magical land where colorful rainbows stretch over glittery seas, lives a group of fashion-forward friends called Fidgie Friends. With their unique feel for fashion, these girls have the magic touch for the coolest outfits! Join in the fidget fashion fun and become forever fidget friends! Meet Watermellow, a beautiful mermaid who changes her mind as often as she flips the shimmery scales on her mermaid tail. One day her favorite color is pink. The next day it’s green. Watermellow will go along with any plan since her friends’ plans always seem to change! Fashion play with Watermellow is sure to please your senses with outfit details that are fun fidget features! Watermellow has a flip sequin tail and glitter filled fins! Brush Watermellow’s wavy pink hair and accessorize with her watermelon shaped hair popper clip that you can also wear! Watermellow and her Fidgie Friends are here to touch your heart!

Fidgie Friends Watermellow, Mermaid Fashion Doll with Fidget Toy Features, Ages 6 and Up

  • The toy set includes 10.5 inch mermaid fashion doll with fidget fashion features
  • Doll has long rooted pink hair for fun hair play
  • Watermelon-shaped hair popper clip is removable for share-wear fun
  • Mermaid tail has flip-sequin 
  • Mermaid fins are glitter-filled for sensory play
  • Top/Bodice is removable for fashion play
  • Doll has posable head and arms
  • Recommended for kids 6 years and up
  • Collect all 4 dolls in series one - Watermellow, Unicorn Sprinkles, Boba Bubbles and Dandielion Wishes