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20 Questions
20 Questions

20 Questions

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Mystery, Mind and Logic:

20 Questions

Guess the mystery person, place, or thing within 20 questions. Players call out a number, and the reader gives them a corresponding clue. Who will be the first to guess the answer?

I am a Person:

  1. I am the subject of a novel.

  2. I am the subject of many movies.

  3. I have quite an overbite.

  4. I am Eastern European.

  5. Gary Oldman played me.

  6. I’m a real sucker.

  7. My story was filmed in 1931.

  8. I am centuries old, but timeless.

  9. I wore black long before it was fashionable.

  10. I come to life at night.

  11. I like real bloody Marys.

  12. I was staked out at the end.

  13. I am male.

  14. You’ll never smell garlic on my breath.

  15. I can be found hanging around.

  16. I’m a real die-hard.

  17. You can count on me to be scary.

  18. My eating habits are horrifying.

  19. Days can be deadly for me.

  20. Call me Vlad.

The games of the Mystery, Mind and Logic line were created for fast fun at home or on the go. Each tin contains hours of truly challenging fun!

Players: 2 or more

Ages: 8 and up

Game Rules


  • 64 Cards

  • Instructions