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Bangarang Family Card Game

Bangarang Family Card Game

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Get ready for a wild ride of laughter, creativity, and teamwork with BANGARANG, the fun family game that takes clue-giving to a whole new level! In this high-energy game, players join forces to help the guesser unravel the mystery word on the card using a variety of entertaining clues.


BANGARANG features a dynamic twist on traditional clue-giving. Players must use their wits and creativity to communicate the secret word in five different ways: through a single word, a mime, a single sound, a drawing, or by crafting the letters with their bodies. It's a riot of diverse communication styles that keeps everyone on their toes and guarantees endless hours of fun.

Age Range
8+ years

Laugh-Out-Loud Moments
Prepare for uncontrollable laughter as the guesser deciphers the clues, leading to unexpected and amusing outcomes. BANGARANG guarantees a lively atmosphere and joyous memories.

Family-Friendly Fun Game
Suitable for players of all ages, BANGARANG is designed with family fun in mind. It's the ideal choice for bringing generations together for a shared adventure in the world of words and creativity.

Enjoy Endless Replayability
With a wide range of words and countless ways to convey them, BANGARANG ensures that no two games are ever the same. Keep the endless excitement going for game night after game night.

What’s in the box?

  • 80 cards
  • Card stand
  • Wipe-clean board
  • Wipe-clean pen
  • Easy-to-follow rules

How To Play

  • Give the noisiest player the GUESSER card – they will be the first to try and guess the words on the card. Shuffle the BANGARANG cards and deal one to each of the other players.
  • Scan the QR code within the rules booklet to access a digital timer for the game. Place all the other components in the middle of the table, and you’re ready to play BANGARANG.
  • Decide which side of the cards you are going to play, pink or blue, and then pick the top card and place it in the cardholder for all players, except the GUESSER, to be able to see it.
  • All together now! Start the timer, and the CLUE-GIVERS give a clue to the first word or phrase on the card simultaneously. You’ll have to fight to make yourself seen and heard!
  • The GUESSER can guess as many times as they like. Once guessed, move to the next word on the card (or shout NEXT if you can’t guess) and play continues until the timer sounds.
  • The team scores 1 point for each correctly guessed word. If all 5 words are guessed within the time limit – that’s BANGARILLIANT! Score 1 bonus point. Make a note of the score.
  • Play continues with the GUESSER passing their GUESSER card to the player on their left. All of the BANGARANG cards are shuffled and re-dealt to the other players and the next round of mayhem begins.

The Winner

  • This is a collaborative game, so everyone is a winner! Play 12 rounds and then tot up your score to see how well you play as a team. You can try to beat your team's score the next time you play BANGARANG!