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Dodo Bird Puzz’ Art Puzzle (350pc)
Dodo Bird Puzz’ Art Puzzle (350pc)

Dodo Bird Puzz’ Art Puzzle (350pc)

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Djeco's range of Puzz'art Puzzles are perfect for advanced aficionados no matter the age: Without any borders or straight corners, normal puzzles rules will not apply when piecing together this endearing Dodo bird! Can you identify all its whimsical feathery friends carefully camouflaged in this enchanting silhouette?

A premier quality puzzle, fully crafted from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified material that preserves biological diversity by sourcing only from sustainable, well-managed forests.

• Problem solving skills
• Spatial reasoning
• Analytical and logical thinking
• Memory
• Patience and concentration
• Confidence and self-esteem

An intricately designed puzzle illustrated by French artist Delphine Jacquot. Measures 61 x 46 cm when complete.

Constructed from heavy cardboard stock with high-quality laminated graphics; resistant to peeling, fading and creasing. A precision laser cutting process also ensures minimal dust and impurities, with pieces that fit together perfectly.