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Loomipals Fairy Series - 2 Bracelet Kit

Loomipals Fairy Series - 2 Bracelet Kit

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  • One Happy Loom
  • 6 Loomi Pals Charms
  • 100 Bands
  • 10 G-Clips

Manufacturer recommended age: 7+ years

Loomi-Pal charms are collectible charms sold in travel sized packages. This package is fairy themed, including six magical and adorable charms! The charms list within the instructions manual serves as a way for loomers to keep track of the charms they have collected and have yet to collect. Our company’s goal in creating this product is to promote more social interaction between children and their friends in our growing world of technology, which may be facilitated by the trading of Loomi-Pal charms in order to collect them all.