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Mega Cyborg Hydro Blaster

Mega Cyborg Hydro Blaster

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Let the epic water battles begin! Using over 180 plastic pieces, assemble an awesome wearable water blaster and claw that is powered by hydraulics — no motors or electricity required!

Once assembled, slide the cyborg blaster onto your hand. Press one trigger and out shoots a stream of water from the blaster nozzle using a hydraulic piston. Press another trigger to simultaneously activate the claw mechanism to grab something in your path while still dousing your opponents with water! This revolutionary device can transform swiftly and effortlessly into five different shapes: the gripper claw, shield, sword, crossbow, and boomerang.

A 40-page, full-color manual guides model building and experimentation and provides engaging scientific information about hydraulic systems as well as mechanisms like gears, levers, and linkages. Ergonomically designed to fit into the hands of kids and adults alike, this massive blaster can lead everyone on an immersive journey to the scientific cyborg world.

Utilizes the intrigue of a classic toy to explore fundamental STEM concepts.

  • Detailed assembly hones fine motor skills and develops focus, patience, and the practice of trial and error.
  • Included reservoir holds 160 ml (about 5 ounces) of water; blaster shoots up to a distance of 20 feet.
  • Extension of the best-selling Mega Cyborg Hand — wear one on each hand!