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Pastel Heart™ 7.5in Fancy Pals
Pastel Heart™ 7.5in Fancy Pals

Pastel Heart™ 7.5in Fancy Pals

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Paws & Purses: The Fancy Pals Plush Ensemble!

Discover the enchanting Fancy Pals collection by Aurora World, where adorable plush pets pair with stylish carriers for a fashion-forward playtime experience. Each set features charming animals like kittens, pandas, and unicorns, housed in uniquely designed carriers, sparking creativity and storytelling adventures. Fancy Pals encourages a love for animals and imaginative play, offering diverse styles and colors to suit every taste. Perfect for collectors, adventurers, or anyone young at heart, Fancy Pals is where friendship, imagination, and fashion converge, providing a delightful and inspiring companionship experience.

Pastel Heart Puppy Plush & Rainbow Carrier Set - Cuddly Loving Companion

Embrace the love with our Pastel Heart Puppy Plush & Rainbow Carrier Set from the Fancy Pals collection. This adorable set features a fluffy white puppy plush that's as soft as a cloud and just as lovable. The pastel rainbow heart carrier, adorned with shimmering stars, is a child's dream accessory, perfect for carrying their plush friend wherever they go.

The carrier is designed with a velvety texture and vibrant colors to inspire joy and play. Safe for children 3+ and made with high-quality materials, this plush set is perfect for nurturing play, providing comfort, and sparking joy. Being an adorable puppy plush, this soft toy is perfect for those looking for a gift that's both playful and sweet.

Snuggle Up with the Pastel Heart Puppy - Your New Rainbow of Fun Awaits!:

  • This plush is approx. 7" x 3" x 6.5" in size.
  • Made from deluxe materials for a luxury carrier feel and cloud-like plush softness
  • Unique carrier designs and vibrant colors
  • The puppy plush can be taken out from its carrier, granting you the power to embark on whimsical adventures together!
  • This plush contains small parts and is suitable for ages 36 months and older