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Pocket Magic Tricks

Pocket Magic Tricks

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Easy to do tricks in neat pocket-sized packets.

Eight different tricks! 

Great  fun with this assortment of magic tricks by ToySmith!  Eight different classic tricks,  they are  easy to do in neat, pocket-sized packets. 

Sold individually, they include:  

- Disappearing Cockroach- The cockroach disappears from the card and appears on your hand!

- X-Ray Vision- See through two cups with super human vision!

- Animal Prediction- Sniff out the secret animal with your jungle instincts!

- Ghost Bottle- The ghost in the bottle only obeys your command!

- Mystery Snapper- You can easily hook the rubber band, others can try but they can not!

- Funny Puzzlers- Two very simple yet incredibly impossible tricks

-Spikes through Coin- Nails can do right through a coin when it's placed in the magic box!

-Incredible Shrinking Dice- Make the dice smaller with magic!

Recommended for ages 6 and older.  Please make  your choice(s) here!