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A Master Builder's Guide to Puzzles

Are you a creative person looking for a new activity? Maybe you're sick of all the typical, flat puzzles you made during quarantine... Either way, we have some unique, 3-D puzzles for you. This puzzle list is perfect for people who love to build and create! 

Plus Plus Super Tubes: These big, colorful tubes are packed full of a multitude of unique pieces that make for hours of fun! Use your imagination to create whatever you'd like, or follow the guided instructions inside! (These tubes really are super long, so they're available in-store, curbside, and local delivery only. Call (248) 690-9303 to order.)

Eugy 3-D Puzzles: Bring your favorite wild animals to life with Eugy's 3-D puzzles! Personally, I got my 14-year-old brother a shark one for Christmas, and he loved it! He had a great time assembling it, and now he loves it sitting on his desk when he's doing his school work! You can view our full selection of cool creatures here.

3-D Vehicle Puzzles: Build your very own motorcycle with these unique wooden 3-D puzzles! (Unfortunately, they aren't the actual size of a real motorcycle!) These puzzles are great for all ages, and super easy to assemble. View our current selection here.

3-D Animal Puzzles: If building a mini wooden motorcycle isn't your jam, why not try out a giraffe?! These wooden puzzles are easy to assemble, fun to play with, and perfect to display. Shop our zoo of puzzles here.

Hopefully these unique puzzles sparked your creative building interests! But, if you'd like to stick to regular puzzles, we have those too...

Until next time!

-Brooke Woodrum 

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