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Watercolor Gifts!

Start your young artist into the world of watercolor painting with their own paper pad, paint pods, and fine-tipped brush from Ooly! Explore with these 36 bright watercolors colors that will delight and inspire.

Watercolor is water mixed with pigment which is then applied to paper. More water yields a lighter, more translucent color, while more pigment makes a brighter, more opaque shade. Watercolor paints bring color theory to life for young artists, as well as teaching them the importance of caring for their tools. Using watercolor paints teaches a young artist to slow down and enjoy the creative process, to build their pictures in layers, and to mix colors and water for new effects. Have paper towel, salt and sponges on hand to experiment with removing paint as well as adding it to the paper.

Leslie, Gift Specialist, Creative Divison 

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