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What's The Deal with Crazy Aaron's Putty?

When we first opened the shop six years ago, I asked myself this exact question, what's the deal with Crazy Aaron's Putty?  We had customer after customer come in and ask for it! So, of course, I had to check it out for myself and now I love it too!!  We have a ton of putties on our website available for shipping and Curbside pick up!

First a bit about the company:  Crazy Aaron's is based in Norristown, PA and all of their putty is made in the USA.  They also work with seven Philadelphia-area vocational centers to employ many exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.  Very cool.

Now, for the putty.  The hype is REAL.  This, coming from a mom of three kids-4, 8, and 10. Each of my kids go nuts for this stuff!

Why?  There are actually a lot of reasons...

~ They NEVER dry out.  I mean NEVER.  We had a sample that was left totally open in the shop for over a year that was still malleable. 

~ There are so many different kinds of putty!  They have magnetic, glow in the dark, hyper color (changes color in the sun, or heat of your hand), and so many more.

~ These are great gifts for a very wide age range.  We even have lots of adult buy them!

~Some are scented!  The scented one are fun and they add another dimension to play.  They have come out with a ton of new, fresh scents!

~That brings me to, they never get old.  What I mean is every time you turn around, they are coming out with a new fun concept.  Some of the newer ones include scents made with essential oils like mint and lavender, a family game, and different colors of their best selling liquid glass.  It looks like melting glass!

~ They can be used as fidgets.  People that have a hard time concentrating swear by taking a small amount, like from one of the mini tins and moving it around in their hands to help them focus!

~ Their Mini Putties are great for birthday party giveaways, trading, and a little pick-me-up gift or incentives.

~ They keep the kids occupied for hours! My kids will make things out of the putty, collect and trade tins, bounce it, and so much more!

~ Their Mixed By Me kits are like putty science kits where kids can design their own colors!

~ Their Bundles!  My Father gifted my kids one of their bundles and it kept my kids busy for days! They didn't even open all of them the first day!

We offer a huge variety of Crazy Aaron's Putty on our website for you to try and test out for yourself!  Here are a few, just click on each name for more details!


Known to be magical, majestic, and relaxing, waterfalls are often found in the most beautiful places on earth. Reflecting this natural wonder, Falling Water Thinking Putty® is a crystal-clear blue that shimmers with iridescent edges to simulate moving water. Play with it when you need a moment’s peace…or whenever you need to go with the flow.



Soothe your sense with Calm Presence Thinking Putty®. Crafted with natural essential oils, it'll put you on the path to inner peace in no time.

Create your own custom-colored Thinking Putty® with our DIY Holographic Mixed by Me® Kit. Each kit includes five tins of clear putty, three glitter concentrates, three sparkle effect putties, and an instructional mat—everything you’ll need to make cool Thinking Putty colors that sparkle all your own! When the mixing is done, the fun’s just begun! Since your glittering creations will never dry out, you can snap, stretch, sculpt, and play till your heart's content!

Ultimate Putty Challenge Gam

This is the bundle that we received and it is AWESOME!  The Neon Flash is crazy bright and HUGE!  The game was really fun to play as a family and the kids had so much fun making their own colors with the Mixed By Me Kit!  
These are just a few of the putties we offer at the shop! There are many, many more.  Just search putty in the search box! 


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