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Dead Sea Mud Soap

Dead Sea Mud Soap

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Yes, we said mud and we said Dead Sea! It's the same Dead Sea Mud that spas use in their expensive treatments, except ours may even be a little better since we import it ourselves straight from the Dead Sea, Israel to be exact. The mud we import is 100% pure with nothing added or diluted! We then put it in soap and blend it with our favorite spa-like scents of 100% natural Bulgarian Lavender and Spearmint essential oils to create an amazing and luxurious soap that has tons of benefits for the skin!

Dead Sea Mud is extremely popular because of the many benefits it offers. It's our #1 Best Selling Soap because it's absolutely amazing at nourishing all different skin types! It's packed with 21 minerals that work wonders on the skin. It's gentle enough for daily use, works great as a facial and body soap, and can even help to remove makeup! Some of the best benefits of Dead Sea Mud Soap are:

  • Extremely Purifying - It has the ability to open up the pores & pull impurities from the skin. It effectively washes away dirt, grime, and excess oils without being harsh on the skin.
  • Naturally Exfoliating - It gently exfoliates the skin, allowing the minerals & all around goodness to be able to penetrate the skin.
  • Clarifying - As it pulls impurities from the skin and replaces them with skin-loving minerals, it works to clarify the skin leaving it cleaner and clearer than before.
  • Soothing - Dead Sea Mud Soap is incredibly soothing and even can be amazing for tricky skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and even rosacea.