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Grumpy Dragon Toy
Grumpy Dragon Toy

Grumpy Dragon Toy

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A distant cousin of the Forest Dragon, the Grumpy Dragon is known for its perpetually sour demeanor. Perhaps it simply feels misunderstood? While its downturned countenance and snarling lips might be mistaken for anger, Grumpy Dragons are, in fact, harmless.

  • Scientific Name: Draco serveriorum
  • Characteristics: Arms crossed and lips curled, the grumpy dragon isn’t having any of it. Glaring eyes and flared nostrils complete the effect.
  • Size and Color: Each dark green scale has a rough texture, and the grumpy dragon’s armored grey underside is a tactile delight. Standing 4 ¼ inches tall, it’s about the height of a pop can.
  • The Grumpy Dragon is part of the Dragons collection
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